This is how the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator from Bathstore Müller-Mustermann works:

Calculate your bathroom construction and bathroom remodel in a few steps

Tell us how much time you have for planning and which time frame you have in mind for the realisation of your project, and the Budget-Calculator will lead you to bathroom construction or bathroom remodel. Thus, you are quickly provided with a rough outline of the expected costs and can plan your project in the versions Solid, Premium or Luxury, depending on which features and materials you intend to employ. Regular shower or steam shower, wall heating or underfloor heating, standard tiles or natural stone - design your new dream bathroom.


Bathroom planning begins with determining whether it will be a new construction or a remodel, whether a bathroom will be newly integrated into a building or whether an existing bathroom shall be remodelled and modernised according to your wishes. For the price calculation we need to know which tasks shall be performed and the measurements of your bathroom (floor area and height) as well as the new quality version of the components: Solid, Premium or Luxury.


When the measurements are established, the desired components are selected. That involves water closet, wash basin, shower, bathtub, underfloor heating and other basic elements. Decide here what your requirements and possibilities are and consider the personal bathroom dreams you want to fulfil yourself. Warm feet instead of wall radiators - You decide, we calculate!


Measurements and extent as well as the components of your new bathroom are clear, which brings us to the types of the sanitary appliances. These are high quality products from leading manufacturers that promise long-lasting satisfaction. Do you want your WC to be floor mounted, wall hung, or do you prefer a shower toilet? Which size wash basin are you looking for: regular, large or a double wash basin?


Very good, wash basin and WC are fixed and we have arrived at showering and bathing. Tell us what kind of shower you require: step-in or a barrier-free shower base, a spa shower system or a steam shower? Add further options to enhance your shower experience - such as a rain shower head, a thermostat, solid glass shower panels and many other features.


Wonderful, only two more steps and we are finished! How do you envision the bathroom floor and the walls? Half tiled or fully tiled and with which tiles? Regular or large or natural stone? If you favour a cool and neutral feel, then large white tiles are a good choice. If you are dreaming of your personal home spa, we recommend using natural products and natural stone tiles for your bathroom.


Can you picture your bathroom now? Your bathroom is nearly finished. Now there is the question of what to do with the non tiled areas of your bathroom. Is any paintwork necessary and if so what kind? Should walls and ceiling, window frames and door frames be painted and do you need electrical work for sockets, lighting and radio?


You have completed your custom bathroom project within your optimal budget! Of course you can start the calculator anew using different parameters to compare various versions of your dream bathroom.

Please let us know your preferred time and date and your personal customer consultant from Bathstore XYZ will contact you about further details regarding your bathroom.

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