Your advantages with an individual bathroom design by Bathstore Müller-Mustermann

„Well begun is half done“ the saying goes - and that is true indeed. The beginning and foundation of every project is a well thought out, realistic plan that conveys your wishes to us and shows you which options are viable, as well as the prices of individual components. We take the time to prepare an individual concept in which everything is considered and calculated.

You are aware of the price of a loaf of bread at the bakery and know how much you want to spend on a cucumber. However, do you know the cost of a new bathroom and a bathroom remodel? In order to help you fill this gap we offer you the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator. It gives you an impression of the prospective costs and provides three budget versions: Solid, Premium and Luxury.



The originally Latin word „Solid“ stands for "firm / substantial" and, in keeping with that, you can rely on a solid and completely pragmatic bathroom construction and bathroom remodel with Bathstore XYZ. This category comprises basic bathrooms that suit the needs and especially accommodate the cost-conscious customer. Tiles in standard sizes and products in general that are of good quality but keep it simple without luxury and special features.



Bathrooms in the Premium category are bathrooms that satisfy every demand. A high level of quality, and fixtures as well as a design that let you enjoy every moment you spend in your bathroom. Premium is above standard, it is composed of top quality products and a well-balanced bathroom concept. Use our Budget-Calculator and learn more.



Do not deny yourself luxury in the bathroom. You are worth it! For those who value just that little bit extra we propose our luxury bathrooms. Indulge in exquisite high quality materials, a sublime lighting and colour concept and savour the Luxury of the extraordinary. Freestanding bathtubs, water closet and bidet combinations and the use of natural stone provide you with pure luxury!

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Your advantages using the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator

Use the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator to save the time and the money required to create individual budgets!
Use the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator to generate new customer contacts - quickly and successfully!
Use the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator to identify relevant prospects and retain them!
Use the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator to qualify your prospects as informed customers.
Use the Bathroom-Budget-Calculator to benefit from Lokalleads' software experience.